Monday, July 30, 2007


Today they've been filming an ad for the Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund in our laneway, because they give us money to help run Credo. It's a bit weird because there's all these extras dressed up as 'homeless' people.


Joanna said...

It is wrong how distracted I am by the artwork to actually start paying attention to the people posing as being homeless isn't it? :-(


How do you feel about the stand-in "homeless"?

On a side note:
I repeat...I love the wall art!

Christop said...

On the one hand I appreciate that they're trying to get across the fact that anyone can become homeless (that was the point of having celebrities and public figures dressed as 'homeless' people). But it seems like they're just perpetuating the stereotype - even if it is to try and get people to give money.