Thursday, July 12, 2007

Art (a.k.a. silliness)

On Saturday I rearranged my televisions:

Yesterday I made a special lunch for Uncle Smithamsy again:

Pain in the Arts is back in Credo. We'd been trying to have it on level 3, because we're setting up a studio there so that people can come and do art on their own when Pain in the Arts isn't on. There's not really enough space up there to have Pain in the Arts there though, and it feels too much like an office. Paul modified a library trolley that we got from Green Collect into an art trolley, so that we can bring some of the art materials down to Credo after Wednesday lunches, for Pain in the Arts:

(More modified library trolleys here.)


nate said...

I really like the new vision stack!! & the art trolley is pretty cute too...

Chris said...

Dude ... an art studio for anybody?! That's fantastic! I wish we'd had that when I was there, I'd have spent at LEAST one more day there a week ;)