Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Training week

This week we're taking a week off from running Credo, so that we can do some training and team-building stuff.
On Monday we went down to Sue's place at Ocean Grove, and in the afternoon we shared a bit about our faith journies. I started off the session by sharing a bit about two passages from the gospels, where Jesus says,

'Anyone who is not for me is really against me,'
(Matthew 12:22-30)
'whoever is not against you is for you.'
(Luke 9:46-50)
I find it a bit confusing that Luke and Matthew put it different ways, but in both cases it seems like he's got a problem with people demonising people who aren't part of their group. (I think that's important to remember when we share about our experiences of different spiritual movements and ideas.)
In the afternoon some of us went to Norlane to visit the community dinner that the Seeds folk in Norlane have been running.
Took this from the van on the way home:

Today we were supposed to be doing overdose response training, but the person who was supposed to be running it had to pull out, so we'll be doing it some tiem in the next few weeks. Thursday and Friday we're doing mental health first aid.

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