Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Grendelyn is sick

I got Grendelyn (one of our lizards) out of the tank this afternoon, and she basically started having a fit. Ray said that she'd had fits a couple of other times recently, but not as bad. This time it seemed for a while like she couldn't move her back legs, and like she was having difficulty breathing. Ray and Ben took her to see a vet who specialises in reptiles, and he reckoned it's calcium deficiency, because apparently her limbs are bowed. So we have some special food to give her, and hopefully that will help.


finches - r - us said...

hope it works.
sounds like she needs a good feed of finches or pigeons

Ferntree Gully Aquariums said...

No, no!
What she really needs is a goldfish every day.

Christop said...

I think I know who ^that^ was.