Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tobacco, heroin, fish oil

At about midnight a few days ago, I was heading through the laneway on my way to the Den to drop some stuff off there, and this guy asked me for a smoke. I said I didn't have any. He said he'd seen me smoking the other day, and I said he couldn't have because I hadn't smoked for ages, and he admitted that he'd just reckoned I looked like someone who'd smoked. Anyway, it turned out it was this guy me and Gin looked after for a few hours about a year ago, because he'd had too much heroin. (He liked Hillsong, so we'd been getting him to sing Hillsong stuff so that he'd stay awake.)
Once I'd convinced him I didn't have any tobacco, he said he reckoned someone was watching him. I said I couldn't see anyone. He said he heard someone move, and I said I hadn't noticed it. He asked me to keep a look out while he injected though. Once he'd finished injecting he asked me if I liked vitamins. I said I sometimes use vitamin C if I was sick or people around me are sick, and he got out this jar of fish oil pills, and asked if I wanted any. He said they were meant to be good for your brain. So we had some fish oil pills.
He said he's into Planetshakers now.

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Electric Chikken said...

Whoa. I think I remember the entry you wrote about that guy (no, I didn't just go back and read it :-D )...