Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Passing the You Yangs

After work yesterday I caught the train down to Geelong with Brent, to have tea with the Norlane resis. Brent took these pictures on the train and wanted me to put them on my blog:

(The second and third one were while we were going past the You Yangs.)

Broken Hill trip

Thursday night Mehrin and I caught the train out to Footscray to stay at Ray's house, so we could leave in the morning for Broken Hill, for Tab and Andrew's wedding.
These are some pictures I took of Ray's chickens on Friday morning:

I think we left Footscray at about 9:30 am or something.
We saw snow near Mount Macedon.

We stopped in Wycheproof and went to an op shop and talked to the op shop ladies. This is a photo of Wycheproof:

These are some pictures I took when we stopped in Ouyen:

These are some pictures I took from the car, between Mildura and Broken Hill:

When we got to Broken Hill we met up with John (he travelled from Adelaide) at the caravan park where we were staying, and then Mehrin and Ray went to Tab's hens night (Mehrin hadn't met Tab before) and John and I went to Andrew's bucks night to meet Andrew for the first time. First Andrew had to choose someone to box with, then he had to translate a phrase from Greek, then he had to answer a riddle, and his last challenge was to write a poem for Tab, and then we took him to the house where the girls were so he could read it to her.

Saturday morning Ray and John and Mehrin and I went op shopping around Broken Hill and I got some grey pinstipe pants for $4, which I ended up wearing to the wedding.
This is Mehrin and I in our cabin before we left for the wedding:

This is Haggis in our cabin:

The wedding was at Penrose Park in Silverton, so we drove out there after lunch. This is Ray on the swing at Penrose Park:

And now here's some pictures of the actual wedding:

These are Tab's paper flowers that she made:

This is a bird that was hanging around at the wedding, and Tab said it was part of her family:

These are some pictures I took Sunday morning, when I went for a bit of a walk out of town, while the others were asleep:

This is where we were staying:

I think we left Broken Hill at about 9 am.
This is Haggis in the back of the car, just out of Broken Hill:

This is the bus stop at Coomba:

This is Haggis at Coomba:

This is Haggis at Orange World in Mildura:

Took this in Mildura too:

This is Haggis visiting the Big Cod in Swan Hill:

Sunday night we stayed at Ray's parents dairy farm, between Kerang and Cohuna. This is Ray's neice, Emily, strangling me:

These are some pictures of the cattle I took on Monday morning:

Mehrin took this picture of Haggis with Monty and Tom just before we left the farm, at about 12:30 pm:

This is Haggis, on the Western Ring Road, as we were coming back into Melbourne: