Friday, July 20, 2007

Resi/staff retreat

So Gemma arrived from Sydney at about twelve o'clock Sunday night, and we got her moved in. We didn't get to head down to Airys Inlet till pretty late on Monday though, because her friend Cliff who drove down from Sydney with her and all her stuff couldn't get his car started, and it took us a couple of hours to get it started.
Anyway, the seven of us Urban Seed resis had a good couple of days down at Aireys Inlet getting to know each other (a few of us had only just met), hanging out, reading the novelisation of Getting Even with Dad and visiting Eskerine Falls.
Wednesday night the rest of the staff turned up, and we spent most of yesterday talking about the Big Fat Important Things that I mentioned before we left. After dinner at the pub last night some of us stayed up pretty late singing and playing stuff by Smashing Pumpkins, Paul Kelly, Guns & Roses, U2 and such.
We ended up coming back to Melbourne early, so that some of us could make it to a funeral this morning.
Here's some pictures:

We actually spent most of the time inside, because it was really wet and cold, but most of the inside photos came out all blurry, like this, because it was to dark:

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