Sunday, May 20, 2007

Credo retreat

So Friday night at about 10:30 Ben picked me up from work and we headed out to retreat, stopping in Ringwood to have pizza for second dinner, and driving through the Black Spur, which wasn't too scary because we were listening to The Clash, and they're scarier. I think we arrived around 1am.
Saturday morning Luke invented another new game, which combined Rusk with Pool. He called it Pusk. You had to try and knock over everyone else's soldiers with the pool ball.

Saturday afternoon it was raining an awful lot, but a fair few people still decided to go for a bushwalk, and ended up all covered in leeches.
Saturday night we had karaoke.

This morning we had a church gathering, based around the story about Jesus healing the man who had a legion of demons (Mark 5).

One of the things we noticed about the story is that when Jesus heals the guy, his neighbours, who used to try and chain him up, are upset and scared. It's as though they were more comfortable with him as a possessed madman. We finished up church by playing Queen's song 'I've Got to Break Free'. (While me and Tomsy were planning the church gathering it started playing on the radio, so we decided to use it!)
We got the owners of the camp to take a group photo before we left this afternoon:

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Toni-Marie said...

Wow sounds like a great time.
I haven't done something that fun since school camp in year eight or nine.