Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pine Gap in the news #6

This is from ABC News Online, and is particularly interesting, so I thought I should repost it here:

Pine Gap break-in trial stalls
A Supreme Court trial in the Northern Territory for four people accused of breaking into the Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility near Alice Springs has stalled.
A lawyer representing the Commonwealth is applying for public interest immunity to stop the defendants eliciting details about the facility's operations.
Bryan Law, Donna Mulhearn, Adele Goldie and Jim Dowling are facing up to seven years' jail over their alleged unauthorised entry into Pine Gap in December 2005.
Law has cross-examined the facility's deputy chief Michael Burgess about who he reports to and which agencies are involved in a daily joint management operational meeting.
The Crown prosecutor objected, saying it was not relevant to the charges.
But Law told the court he was trying to prove a link between the operation of Pine Gap and the committing of war crimes in Iraq by US and Australian forces.
He said his group was acting against the alleged war crimes.
The jury has been stood down while Michael Maurice QC applies for public interest immunity on behalf of the Commonwealth, in response to Law's line of questioning.

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