Monday, May 14, 2007

People in the park

This aftenoon I was sitting under a tree in one of the parks, and this group of about seven people, about half of them goths, turned up, and sat in the middle of the grass, across the footpath from me. I recognised one of them, because he's often busking in a spot near where I live. Anyway, one of them came over and said, 'Would you like to come and join our circle? We've got cognac and European cigarettes.' I declined on the cognac and tobacco (and later marijuana), but I went and hung out with them for maybe an hour or so. (It turned out that they're part of the group of goths that I heard a lot of people complaining about at various community meetings, because there were heaps of them hanging out in one of the parks, and some people didn't like it.) Anyway, hung out with them for a bit, talking about nuclear weapons and drugs and John the Baptist and stuff.
When I was on my way back here I was thinking that it was a lot different to hanging out with people who come to lunch at Credo, in that someone from Credo wouldn't be very likely at all to offer me drugs - but I guess marijuana is practically mainstream, and heroin definitely isn't. And of course, I was just some guy hanging out in the park today, whereas in Credo I'm someone who's involved in running the place.


Sammy said...

That was beautiful.

You're gonna change the world, Chris =)

Christop said...

Everyone's going to change the world together. (And it's going to be good again.)

Trav said...

hmm interesting.
Is it because at creedo your role means you represent something that makes it unlikely for you to be offered drugs?

Christop said...

Yeah. And I just don't look like the heroin-user stereotype. (Although I have had people try to sell me heroin before, just not in Credo.)