Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Choir of Hard Knocks

Last night while we ate tea we watched Choir of Hard Knocks on ABC. (It's about a choir that Reclink's been running, for 'marginalised' people.) It was interesting to watch, particularly because there's a number of people in the choir we know from hanging out at Credo and in the street.
We were a bit upset by some of the stuff they decided to show on TV, like one guy getting pretty upset because people were complaining about his cleanliness. I don't know the guy myself, but I know a few people who do, and they said today that he was pretty upset about them showing that. I get that they want to show stuff as it really is, but still...
Anyway, I think it's a five part series, and last night was the second episode. 8pm Tuesdays on ABC.


Mike Messerli said...


help me with this- what is "Credo"? Being stuck in Texas makes it hard to know what you are talking about. thanks.

(I found you through Samantha).


Christop said...

Credo is a community lunch that I'm involved in, in the middle of Melbourne. We get a lot of people who are on the street involved in preparing the meals and cleaning up afterwards and stuff.

Peter Booth said...

Hi Chris,
Watched Hard Knocks again this week. It was good to see the guy's mate give the rest of the team a serve over the way they treated him in the previous episode.
I was talking to John Lanaway last night. He's on pastoral prayer on Sunday so I told him to check out the Pine Gap 4 posts on your website. Regards, Dad.

Christop said...

Thanks Dad!