Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A big crash

I've been on leave today because I've been pretty exhausted, and having difficulty sleeping for a couple of weeks. (Thursday, Friday and Saturday night I actually didn't get to sleep until after 3am.)
So today I skated up Brunswick Street to see if I could find some cheap pants at one of the op shops, because I only had one pair of long pants left. (I had two pairs, but in February there was this guy came and asked me if he could have some pants because he'd ripped his pants, so I gave him one of my pairs of pants, and then he came back again later that day asking for another pair of pants!)
Anyway, I'm still not very good at stopping when I skate. (I can sort of stop if I'm not going too fast, but I also spin around and most likely fall over.) Also, it was only the second time I'd been skating in the street. Anyway, I ended up going downhill, past the big highrise flats, and was going way to fast to stop, and there were an awful lot of people ahead of me, so I made myself crash before I crashed into the people or got any faster! It was a pretty big crash, but I was pretty okay.


Taqwa said...

Well, any landing you can walk away from as they say..

¿johnman¿ said...

skating 101 learn how to stop
skating 202 learn how to stop well
skating 303 learn how to stop when going really fast without crashing or falling over

Warning label on roller blades:
"We recommend you take skating course 303 before going fast downhill towards groups of people"

;) hope you pulled up alright mate, and didn't leave too much skin behind, did you crash well?

Christop said...

Yeah, the only visible injury is on my right elbow. And it was fun!

Trav said...

Christop your a Sk8er boi!

i expect you to come to warrnambool and compete in the skate comp this january ;)

Christop said...

Yeah, I remember for a couple of years at Warrnambool kids were always asking if I was a skater.