Monday, December 11, 2006

Rusk continues

This afternoon we played Rusk, using the board we made on Wednesday, four packets of jelly babies and five dice.

First we placed neutral armies (the purple jelly babies) on various strategic territories (eg. The Country Everybody Wants, Credo, Central Island). We divided the remaining territories by each taking it in turns to put one of our jelly baby armies on a territory, until each territory had one army. Then we each placed another ten armies on some of the territories we'd chosen.

We decided that at the beginning of each turn, each player would get two extra armies if they had taken over someone else's territory the previous turn, plus one army for each territory they were occupying. As well as that you could get extra armies if in the previous turn you had taken over one of the strategic territories I mentioned earlier, and managed to keep it.
Attacking and defending was the same as in Risk.

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