Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Went and saw Eragon just before, and it's absolute rubbish. Some of the special effects are okay, but the script, acting, plot, charcterisation, costumes and pretty much everything else are awful. It's very similar to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.
Another problem I had with it (which is a problem I have with most fantasy narratives) is that it's a version of the myth of redemptive violence. It says that there are people groups (whether they're orcs or Muslims or Americans) that are purely evil, and that by destroying these people a perfect world can be created.


Daniel Kahn said...

I've seen it as well and absolutely agree with your comments. I couldn't believe how bad it was.

I did, however, enjoy a couple of the scenes - Jeremy Irons playing the fool of the village was a good scene, as was John Malkovich's deliberately ironic portrayal of the king. As one reviewer said, it's no wonder his scenes were kept to a minimum.

Courtney said...

You know what I hate all of these people.They say they didnt like Eragon and they are saying all these bad things about it.I've seen it 5 times and i still want to see it again.I think it is the best movie ive seen in my whole intire life!!And also I think if I could make one thing real that is not real I would make Dragon's real (but nice)well some of them nice that is and also i would make magic real!!!

Christop said...

It seems a bit silly to hate people just because you disagree on whether on not a film was any good.