Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Last year, when Luke was living here, he and one of his friends decided they wanted to play Risk. However, they went to a shop and discovered it cost about $100 for a Risk set, so they ended up inventing the wonderful (and cheap) game of Rusk.
Today after lunch we created a new Rusk board, with Ben, Jase, Dave and Cara:

According to Luke, it's actually more fun making a Rusk board than actually playing it, and by once you've finished the map there's not usually much time left to play anyway. Once we'd finished the map, and worked out what the rules should be, we'd run out of time. So we're going to play on Monday.


Tab said...

hey looks like fun... not based on the building that u live in is it?? anyways i want to try now! probably wont seeing as Matt has RISK. Probably will just play that.

Christop said...

Well, it has a lot of places from our building and our neighbourhood.