Monday, December 18, 2006


Because this is our last week together, the five of us Urban Seed residents decided to go away together for the weekend one last time. So Saturday night we drove the van down to Nomes' family's holiday house down at Sorrento.
After we'd unpacked the van we had some wine with Nomes' parents, and then we went and had tea at this Greek restaurant where they had a blow-up Santa.

After we'd had tea we went to the Sorrento Hotel, which was pretty noisy and crowded. On the way there these girls asked Ali to sing them a song. (One of them was having her hen's night, and it was a dare.)
When I went to use the toilet this really drunk guy who was also there said, 'Hey, what's in yer backpack?' There wasn't much in there except my Bible, so I said, 'My Bible.' I'm not sure if he understood what I'd said, but he said, 'Ya got any happiness in ya backpack?' I said, 'Yeah, lots of happiness in there.' He said, 'Can I 'ave some?' I said, 'Actually, I was just bluffing,' and then I exited, as I'd finished drying my hands.
We didn't stay there very long because the place closed at 11.
When we got back to the house we had some wine out on the balcony and played with Shadow, Nomes' family's talking dog.
This morning (Sunday morning) we had breakfast pretty late and spent a fair bit of time discussing theology with Nomes' parentds, and then went down to the back beach for a while.

Me and Ray waded in the rockpools a bit, looking at the the limpets and anemones and other weird little sea creatures, and talking about the Christmas break. We found this weird little red creature that looked a bit like an underwater spider with waving legs. Then we went and lay on the sand with Nathan and Nomes, while Ali was away meditating. When Ali came back we went for a walk along the beach, and I got knocked over by a big wave.
After lunch we went to this cafe at the front beach and had coffee and played cards.

For tea we had fish and chips (except me and Ray had vegeburgers) with Nomes' family, and Nathan played some of the songs we sing before lunch at Credo ('John and Jesus', 'Irish Blessing', Kelsey's song (I can't remember what it's actually called)) and we we sang them together.
After tea we packed up our stuff and talked with Nomes' dad about nuclear energy and nuclear waste and nuclear weapons (he's a radiation scientist), and we thanked Nomes' parents for their hospitality, and headed off.
Before we left Sorrento we went to this really nice place to watch the sun go down.

I can't remember what the place was called though! We just sat there for ages watching the sun go down. I was feeling pretty sad thinking that Nathan and Ali will be moving out soon, and while the sun was disappearing I just said, 'Yous are my big brothers and sisters!' (This may mean that I've unintentionally adopted them into the Brooks family.) Nathan said, 'You're my annoying little brother!'
We got back here at about 11:30. EcoPaul was sitting at the door writing a letter, so I got him to take a picture of us.

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