Tuesday, December 26, 2006


On Thursday we had the Credo Christmas party, down by the Yarra.

Marcus ranted at us for a bit ...

... and poured water all over the table ...

... and gave little cricket bats to some guys from the cricket team.

Ali and Luke and Kate handed out presents ...

... and then we had lunch together.
We packed up at about three o'clock or something, and then headed to the Vic for our last staff drinks of the year.

Yesterday morning I cleaned the laneway, and then caught the train out east to visit my family.
I gave Adam a watermelon for Christmas:

Justin gave me a t-shirt, which I think is meant to make me look scary:

As you can see, I also ended up with some weird 'Christmassy' things that Mum had been given by people. (They should make good Crap Cringle presents.)
Grandma (Mum's mum) and Uncle Mike (Mum's brother) came over for lunch.
For tea we went to Uncle Ian (Dad's brother) and Aintie Jenny's house.
This is me and my brothers and our cousins and our cousins' partners (some people are missing though):

(Note that Adam is doing the Thai movie star pose, and that there are souvienir teaspoons on the wall.)
This is my dad and his brothers:

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