Monday, February 21, 2005

The shape of church + Spiritual stuff

A few of us been thinking, talking, and experimenting about how we can be the church amongst people who aren't Christians, and one thing we tried Tuesday night was having a party. As far as I know, those of us who did mix with people who weren't Christians, all got into conversations about spirituality with at least one person during the night.

One thing me and Alt Tab were talking about the other day was, what if, for our church gathering, we just opened up our house once a week so that our friends, whether they're Christian or not, can come and interact?

I think that this kind of a gathering would not have been good for someone like I was a few years back, when I was a new Christian, because my Christianity wasn't something I thought about a lot (mostly just when I was around other Christians, participating in offical church programs). I didn't see every activity or place as spiritual. Therefore, if I was in a place or participating in an activity which I didn't consider spiritual, it was very unlikley that I would think of or talk about spiritual issues. If I went to a party, or just over to a mates place, I wouldn't see that as a missional opportunity, or as having any spiritual relevance.

My thinking has changed a lot now. Because I see everything as spiritual, I'm more open to God communicating through things that have traditionally been considered secular, or everyday. Because of this realisation, I'm far more likely to contemplate the spiritual in an everyday, 'secular' setting. These days I probably don't go ten minutes without thinking about God.

So I don't think any longer that there would be a problem with the church gathering being very loosely structured. If God is a huge part of our lives, and we are open to hearing his voice through all sorts of ordinary stuff, then I don't think the it would be a much of a problem if the church gathering was as I described earlier.

Sorry if my posts are rambling a lot. I'm trying to sort out a lot of stuff in my head, and I want to have a record of my journey.


Trav said...

I'm not sure what i think. I reckon it's a great way and place to have conversations. I'm not sure i would consider this to be a church, though i think it would meet many aspects of church. I agree that God needs to be apart of everyday and not just 'Spiritual Occasions'

Christop said...

I think that all the requirements of being church could be met in this kind of setting if the recognised leaders were committed to making sure the requirements were met. I'm not sure yet exactly what it would look like though.

¿johnman¿ said...

yeah i think it could be ok as a large gathering, but smaller ones would definantley be needed as well i think

Digger said...

Yeah I like your thinking man, I'd be down with it. I guess you've gotta work out what your key elements of church are, see how you can do them in a way thats culturally appropriate, then go for gold.

I really like the approach they've taken at Northern in regards to this kinda stuff.

I've been thinking similar stuff about the idea of a socila relaxed gathering a s church.

Word up on your thoughts re spiituality in everyday etc.