Friday, February 25, 2005


As this week was O'week at University of Ballarat, I've been at a party almost evey night since Saturday.
Last night Chooka, one of last year's Fine Art graduates, now a tattoo designer, had a party in his garage, where we spray-painted the carpet (an old one he got for $20).

At the party there was a lot of talk about a guy called Jebus, who is apparently pretty cool. He's short and fat and produces alcohol from nowhere.
I had an idea that Jebus was from The Simpsons, and was possibly also mentioned in Futurama. I looked the name up in UrbanDictionary. It said

A version of the word Jesus created by Homer Simpson when he became a missionary. Used for comical purposes instead of using Jesus.

Variant of Jesus, used because it's less offensive.

Generally used by the general public and webcomic authors so as not to spark religious debate.

Jebus is indescribable. And short. But we love him anyway.

It reminded me a bit of Tripod's song about Justin, which Trav heard earlier in O'week. People reckon Jesus is pretty cool, but they don't want the social stigma of being associated with the church.

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