Sunday, February 06, 2005

The parable of the bloggers

It struck me, while reading Trav's new blog, that sharing God with people is like sharing blogging.
The first time I heard about blogs was in 2001, from my old friend Dr Dave. I can't remeber what it was, but it sounded interesting, and when I started university in 2002, I began to read some, such as Nothlit and LivingRoom.
Eventually I started my first blog, Shenanigi, which eventually became News Scents and then Stuff Wars. Between Shenanigi and Stuff Wars I managed to convince Tab to start a blog. She got her sister to start one, and then we both encouraged John to start photizo, which was followed by Blue trike Life. I showed my brother Yedsa how to start a blog after he showed me how to stencil. While we were at Ignite Warrnmabool, Tab convinced Dave to start blogging, as a way of keeping eveyone informed about what he doing without having to send out annoying emails. When we got up, she got Harvey to start one as well, but it doesn't exactly seem like he's really into it yet.
And finally, Trav, who once said he would start a blog, but first he had to inject tomato sauce into his veins, has now satrted a blog.

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