Thursday, February 03, 2005


Thought I should mention that I'm going to Liquid on Wednesday, with John & Tab. Trav (who insists he needs to inject tomato sauce into his veins before he starts a blog) is also coming down, but only for the evening session.
So if you're going too, please say, 'Hi,' to us.


¿johnman¿ said...

Yeah! Say hi to us! We are not too weird!
Well maybe we are or just like to think so
Liquid is gonna be mad!
less than a week Christop yeah!

Tab said...

Mmm, Gotta get Haydn going too, he expressed interest while I was talking to Trav on the phone about it. He mite be with his family then. I don't know.

Tab said...

Funny thing is tho, Trav reads our blogs. He told me. Last year when he found out I was a blogger, he said, "oh. (pause) you're one of THOSE"

Christop said...

I know, he was reading them with Adam at Ferntree Gully Library on Wednesday.

Trav said...

Just because i read them and just because i have a user name does not mean i like them

Tab said...

Hey, Alt Tab is coming too now :)