Thursday, February 17, 2005

House party

On Tuesday night we had a party at our house, to try and get our friends who are Christian mixing with our friends who aren't.
(A lot of them don't have any friends, or even co-workers, who aren't Christians.)
In some ways the party was really good and in other ways it was pretty disappointing. More than half the Christians who came along didn't mix with anyone they didn't know (so they only talked to other Christians) and left the party quite early. However, the Christians who were sociable got to know our other friends, and we all had some great conversations.
By about midnight, we ended up sitting in the lounge, mostly singing and passing Alt Tab's guitar around (those who could play). We ended the night by watching the video of Alt Tab and Kate's baptism - someone who hadn't been able to make it to the actual celebration wanted to see it. It was after 4am by the time I got to bed.

I'm thinking that in terms of getting the Christians who didn't mix to mix, we might need to take them individually to other people's parties, so that they won't know many people, and will have to interact with unfamiliar people.


Amela Blue said...

I think mixing people with Christianity is awesome. Good for ya. And I can't say that I am Christian so much as I belive in God. FIrst you must read tthe "epic of Gilgamesh" and compare Utnampishtim's FLood to Noah's. ONe God, Gods, Creator. What is religion really for?

Tab said...

Yeah, good conclusion Chris, re: taking ppl to parties. Let me know when the next one is on yeah? That'd be gr8:)

Christop said...


Christop said...

Amela Blue: Yeah, the Gilgamesh epic is interesting. And I've found that a lot of cultures have similar myths to Noah's and Utnampishtim's, and to other myths included in the Bible. It probably helps that I don't have a completely rational or logical worldview.
By the way, welcome to my blog, and thanks hepas for your comment.

Digger said...

Hey Chris, I love the idea anr everything, quality incarnational missional thinking.

But I do wonder about the integrity of such a party? I mean, would your non-Christian friends feel comfortable knowing you put the party on just so they could mix with your Christian friends and vice-versa?

Christop said...

Hmmm... The way I see it, I should be using every part of my life as an opportunity for mission. The point of the party was to have a party, but we also realised it could be used as a mission opportunity.