Wednesday, October 01, 2008

'Writings on the wall and for Brumby it's the blight of day'

THE world's most famous graffiti artist, Banksy, once said Melbourne's street art was arguably the nation's most significant contribution to the arts since the Aborigines' pencils were stolen.
He is possibly biased, but Melbourne City Council also appears to value it highly, recently covering a Banksy stencil in Cocker Alley with perspex to prevent its being vandalised.
And a poll by Lonely Planet found Melbourne's street art and lanes were the most popular cultural attraction in the nation, ahead of the National Gallery and Kakadu.
But Premier John Brumby yesterday slammed Tourism Victoria for including graffitied lanes in a recreated cityscape of Melbourne at Florida's Disney World, insisting the government did not want a display that "promoted graffiti".
"The department made a mistake. They've apologised to the minister and they'll be withdrawing the display," Mr Brumby said.
The Premier said the "nice part" of Melbourne's lanes was the "European-type" style, not the graffiti. "It's the openness, it's the little restaurants, it's the flower pots, window pots, all of those things. I don't think graffiti is what we want to be displaying overseas. We've put through very tough laws to discourage graffiti - it's a blight on the city."
The whole article, from The Age, is here.
John Brumby is being a bit silly. I'm wondering how long before we start seeing some rather unflattering carticatures of Mr Brumby in our laneways?

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