Monday, October 13, 2008

Six months

On Saturday it was six months since the day that Mehrin came up to my house and said she thought she liked me, and I said I liked her too. We're not sure if that was when we started going out, or whether it was the following Friday, when we had dinner with Nathan and Viki. So we decided that Mehrin would organise something for the first date, and I would for the second.
So on Saturday Mehrin organised a picnic for us at Treasury Gardens.

In the afternoon we went and saw Wicked at the Regent Theatre. One of the ushers yelled at me for taking this photo:

Afterwards we saw the giant hamburger (which is now looking a bit worse for wear):

We had dinner at Toto's Pizza House in Lygon Street, which was the first pizza restaurant in Australia.


mehrin said...

It's true that Toto's was the first pizza restaurant in Australia, but the one on Lygon St came after the one on Burgundy St Heidelberg, which was the very first pizza restaurant in Australia. Although that one closed down a few years ago :(

Christop said...

Ahh, okay.