Monday, October 06, 2008


So at 8:30 yesterday morning I caught the train Wangaratta.

At Wangaratta got on the bus for Albury. Arrived in Albury about 1pm. Got some lunch, checked into a hotel, and then spent most of the day exploring and taking pictures.

Got some nice pictures of reflections in the windows of St Matthew's Anglican Church:

Took these at the Botanical Gardens:

Took these down by the Murray River:

So at 9 o'clock this morning I came to the Greyhound office to buy a ticket to Sydney. I'd gone to their Melbourne office on Saturday, but it closed at 12:30pm, about fifteen minutes before I got there, and it wasn't open Sundays. Anyway, when I came to the office this morning, it wasn't open, even though the office said they were open at 9 o'clock Monday to Friday. Turned out it's Labor Day in New South Wales today (in Victoria it's the 2nd Monday in March), but they hadn't put a sign up saying they'd be closed. One of the Countrylink staff said I could still buy a ticket over the phone or from the bus driver, but I'd need a credit card, which I don't have. So I had to buy a train ticket to Sydney (much more expensive than the bus), and I'll get there at about 7:30 tomorrow morning.
Mentioned on Facebook that I was stuck in Albury for the day, and Joanne, who I know from the Warrnambool Scripture Union team, said that she lives in Albury. So this afternoon I met up with her and her friend Annette, and we went up to the lookout at the top of Huon Hill.

This is Albury:

This is Wodonga (on the Victorian side of the Murray):

Been at the train station since about 6:30pm.

Had a look around for a power point to recharge my computer. Found one behind the Coke machine.

So now I'm just waiting for the train, and hoping I can get some sleep.

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