Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Difficult journey

So I found the journey to Sydney on Monday night/Tuesday morning pretty difficult! I was really, really tired, but I couldn't sleep because the seats were pretty uncomfortable, and the bloke who was asleep in the seat next to me kept elbowing me, and there were two old ladies sitting behind me arguing and complaining about goths and washing machines and stuff all night long. So I was pretty angry and tired. I was thinking I should probably have got a first class ticket instead of economy, so I could sleep. And we arrived in Sydney about two hours late.
So I had some breakfast at Central Station, and got a ticket for Mount Druitt, called Adam on a public phone to tell him when I was getting there, but couldn't get him. Got on the train to Mount Druitt. On the train I emailed everyone at Urban Seed asking if they could find out from Shobie (who's been working there on Tuesdays) her brother John's address (because Adam lives with John) and email it to me. Also looked up how to get to their street, because I could remember the street name. Got off the train at Mount Druitt, and went into the shopping centre to find somewhere to sit down and check my emails. Samara said she'd messaged Shobie. Walked half the way to Adam's house in Bidwill, and while I was on the way Adam came past and picked me up. (So I emailed Samara, who messaged Shobie, who messaged Adam's housemate Paxo saying I was in Mount Druitt, who told Adam. And it turned out I hadn't been able to get him on the phone because he can't get much phone reception in Bidwill.
Adam was working yesterday afternoon, delivering pizzas. (He said the other day one of the other drivers got a rock thrown through the window of the delivery car.) So I went for a little walk around, saw kids riding dirt bikes (one of them was way too big for his bike - he was having to stick his legs out the back so they wouldn't touch the ground) and got a spring roll at the shopping centre in Blackett. Came back to the house, and watched this with one of the kids from the neighbourhood documentary about a family who lived in a haunted house. After that we went with John and his kids, Kshama and Kiera, and Kristen (she lives in the house too, and used to live at Noble Park when Adam was there) to the Penrith Panthers (an NRL team) to play arcade games.
Today I think we're going down to the river.

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