Friday, October 10, 2008

Two rivers and 'thirteen hours on a bus'

So, on Wednesday me and Adam and David and Peter went over to the Nepean River. There was a rope there, hanging from a really tall pine tree, which people use to swing over the water.

Afterwards we got some lunch in Emerton and got some groceries, and I got a Mounty County t-shirt.

Yesterday (Thursday) morning Adam and Kristen were flying to Bangkok, to do some English teaching in Klong Toey with UNOH, and visit the Thai-Burmese border. So I caught the train into town with them when they went to the airport. When I got into town I headed down to Hope Street in Woolloomooloo, to see if Bryan or Heather were there, so I could give them back their house keys from six months ago. Saw this, coming into Woolloomooloo:

Had a cup of tea with Bryan at Hope Street's Back Shed Café. I told him about how I got stuck in Albury all day on Monday, and it turned out that he had driven from Wodonga to Sydney on Monday so I could've gotten a lift with him if I'd known! Bryan asked if I wanted to stay at their place that night, so I could catch the bus from Central Station on time, which was nice. (I'd been expecting to have to stay at one of the backpackers, or fork out for a hotel room.)
Bryan was telling me that they've had some residents wanting them to move their Sunday breakfast and church gathering inside, rather than having it out in public space, where a lot of their community sleep. So they've been trying having the breakfast inside (in another building that the city council is letting them use) but they're not too keen about having the church gathering inside.
So when Bryan went back to work I took all my stuff up to Bryan and Heather's house in Glebe.

Afterwards I walked back into town and wandered around the Botanic Gardens, and into Circular Quay.

Got on the ferry and went to Parramatta.

Got on the bus this morning (Friday) back to Melbourne at 9am. Stopped in Canberra. Saw purple and yellow fields around Gundagai.

Stopped in Albury. Got to Melbourne about 9:45pm.

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