Monday, April 02, 2007

Nuclear Fools Day

Yesterday afternoon, me and Talitha took part in the Nuclear Fools Day (Palm Sunday) march.

Palm Sunday is the day that Jesus rode victoriously into Jerusalem on a donkey, sending up the idea that he was going to lead a violent revolution against the Romans.

Because of this, Palm Sunday’s traditionally been a day where people have come together to call for an end to war, and nuclear weapons in particular. This year Palm Sunday was the same day as April Fools Day, so it was called Nuclear Fools Day, and there was a big focus on nuclear weapons, nuclear power and uranium mining.

One thing that always annoys me about these kinds of events is that there's so many people trying to get everyone to buy their magazines, or to take fliers about their guest speaker or their film night. And there was some stuff that I found pretty negative and silly (eg. 'Howard Hater' and 'Make Bono History' t-shirts), but overall there seemed to be a pretty positive vibe.

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