Monday, April 16, 2007


I've just been over at 614 (The Salvos) to see what's going on there at the moment. We've been visiting some of the different welfare oragnisations so that we know a bit about what they're up to, and can tell people who come to Credo about what's going on at different places and stuff.
Hung out with this elderly guy who I've been getting to know at Credo recently, and he gave me a Greek Easter egg, which is a boiled egg that's been coloured with food dye. He said that at the Greek Orthodox church they eat it on Easter Sunday, when Christ has risen. I'm not sure if it'd be still good to eat though, if it was cooked at Easter. I dunno, maybe the shell would keep it okay?

Also talked a bit to a guy who was there for the Alcoholics Anonymous group that meets there after lunch.

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samantha louise said...

i remember doing those boiled egg things in kindergarten :)