Monday, April 09, 2007

I don't like Mondays

'Dead Man Rising' is currently on in Bendigo, but I'm actually back in Melbourne. I've been throwing up for most of the day, haven't even been able to keep water down, so this afternoon I caught the train back home. Trav says that Bendigo tends to have that effect on people.
I'm feeling a fair bit better now, and had some juice, and that doesn't seem to have made me worse, but I don't know if I want to risk eating anything.
And it looks like I can have a day off tomorrow.


anna said...

No good. I always forget what that feels like till it returns for a surprise visit. Hope all is better now.

And the Dead Man Rising stuff looks alluring and awe-inspiring. I love seeing art being used for this purpose, to stir up reverence and questioning.

Sammy said...

Ha. I knew that Trav would give a comment like that!
We're really not that bad!
We'll see you next time!!

Taqwa said...

I know bendigo would have that effect on me..

But im from Sydney. We say that about everywhere in VIC :P

Christop said...

I'm reminded at this moment of my first impression of Sydney when i visited last year being vomit all over the floor of one of those double-decker trains.

Taqwa said...

Good ole' Sydney..