Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lowenna's baptistm

Went to Lowenna's baptism this afternoon, at the Dancing Dog in Footscray. It was really crowded again, but this time there were heaps of little kids, and it was really nice having them really involved in the gathering.
I took this photo afterwards, of Marcus and Rachel with Lowenna, Perran and Ewan; and Chris and Katherine (Lowenna's god-parents) with Xavier:

A few years ago I wouldn't have been very into kids getting baptised, because of the idea that kids should decide for themselves if they want to get baptised. I think I'm more okay with it now because I see faith as a bit more of a collective thing, rather than an entirely individual thing.
(Feel free to share your thoughts on infant baptism in the comments, if you like.)


¿johnman¿ said...

so how does the whole idea of faith being more of a collective thing change your opinion on infant baptism?

Christop said...

Well, because she's been born into a community of faith. I also think these days that people have faith more because God has chosen us, and not because we choose God.
(If I had kids I'm not sure I'd choose for them to be baptised though.)