Thursday, April 19, 2007

50 TVs

Apparently we have 50 TVs arriving this morning, from one of our neighbours. We'd been offered 100, and I'd said I'd take ten, and Mark had said he'd take eight. We should be able to get rid of the rest. I think I should be able to build a free standing wall out of TVs now.


Trav said...

Yeah! go the tower that's very exciting...i only have 2 still.

Electric Chikken said...

Wall of TVs, eh? Think that's anything special?

I'll make a wall of...freakin'...VCRS!

*puts a VCR on the floor - looks around - then sheepishly walks away*

Toni-Marie said...

Wow a wall of TV's impressive. That's alot of electricity :P

Christop said...

Yeah, that is why I rarely turn them on.