Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Talking about politics

On the weekend there was a local election here. I didn't vote because I haven't been here long enough to re-enrol. But I talked to a few of my high school friends about who they voted for and why. I also asked a baby boomer about who they voted for, and they got upset.
I was brought up not to talk about politics or about who people vote for, but most of the people I'm around these days talk about all this openly, so I think it must be a generational difference.
So do you think it's okay to talk about politics, or to talk to someone about who they (or you) voted for?
I was also wondering if there are any laws about it.


Taqwa said...

There's nothing wrong with it as long as both parties are willing to do so.. It's a secret ballet, but there's nothing that says you cant *chose* to tell people who you voted for.

hell, i did last election, it was Batman and a Disco Ball..

Taqwa said...

err.. that should say 'choose'

Susan said...

I agree there's nothing wrong with it as long as both parties are willing to do so. Unless it is an election (or a polling booth)where there is a very small number of people voting. Because if you know how a few people voted and find out the exact result of the poll it is actually possible to work out how everybody voted and then it is no longer a secret ballot.

I don't know if I should admit to this but I actually chose to vote informal at the recent local election. It is a problem when you move a lot it is hard to figure out the local issues, who's standing for what etc. so I took the lazy way out. Hopefully next year I will be better informed.

Trav said...

I tend only to talk about politics when a) the majority of people in the room agree with me or b) their are individuals who won't kill me for being a right wing fasist.

Kitty Cheng said...

Talking about politics is like talking about religions - it can be sensitive, but worth pursuing i reckon.

How have you been christop? Haven't heard from you for ages!!! When are you coming down to Melbourne mate?

Christop said...

I am in Melbourne! Moving to the city at the start of January, but I'm in the city a lot already. (I'm at Mission to Seafarers at the moment.)