Monday, November 21, 2005

Jesus: son of God or just wise?

Smurf Jesus, originally uploaded by blese.
There's been an interesting conversation going on over at Waving or Drowning?
C.S. Lewis says something in Mere Christianity about Jesus being either the son of God, a lunatic or a demon, and there being no room for one to consider his as simply a wise teacher. Robert disagrees. He doesn't believe Jesus was the son of God, but still thinks a lot of Jesus teachings are good.
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Taqwa said...

Pretty much like my thinking..

Sure, Jesus had some good stuff to say, but son of god? I've yet to think that..

Susan said...

C.S. Lewis' reasoning was that Jesus made it clear that he believed himself to be the son of God and that was why Jesus was killed. Why would you die for a lie? Would a 'wise teacher' teach lies?

Tab said...

Hmmm, I've thought a lot about this? How do we really know that Jesus is God? Was he just a really good man who lived a pure life? I reckon if I did come to that conclusion, I'd need to abandon my faith as it is, and just try to live purely by Jesus' teachings. But it wouldn't fit hey. I've seriously given this much thought, and I do believe that Jesus was God's son, both fully human and fully divine, I guess the bit where it gets stuck is atht I can't fully explain it using logic, but when you consider God being so much higher than our dimentions, that makes sense too.

I'm really glad tah I have had the opportunity to question it hough over teh past few years, b/c in doing so I found the evidence that I needed. Unfortunatly I can't just give anyone a fact sheet, it's a journey of discovery that has to be worked on.