Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Printing Wikipedia

Entries from Wikipedia are going to be available in print from soon, particularly so that people in developing countries can benefit from them. Article at Yahoo! News. (Guess who owns Wikipedia?)


Tab said...

Hmmm,. Wikipedeia - how very postmodern - actaully reminds me of the "universal mind" idea found in eastern Philosophy and religions. I like it - ususally go there 1st for information.

Think it's a good idea to make it accessable to deveoping countries. Guess it would lose much of it's apeal in the translation from web, wiki based to print media. Not sure how great it would be without all the links etc.

Anyway, who owns it? Bothers me that someone "owns it". Too much chance for censorship

Christop said...

Yahoo! owns it.
They're also talking about doing CD-ROM versions, which would still be hypertext.