Thursday, November 24, 2005

Star language

Monday night I watched Speaking in Tongues (John Safran and Father Bob's new current affairs/spiritual/talk show). Their first guest was Solreta Antaria, an Indigo Child. They believe that some people these days are psychically evolved, and can communicate with each other using 'star language'. So they got her to say some stuff in star language, and if anyone thought they understood it, they were supposed to email their translation in. It sounded a lot like how a lot of Pentecostals sound when they speak in tongues.


Digger said...

Just the bloody week I miss it too! Did anybody call in?

Do you reckon there is actually any link to the whole speaking in tongues thing? Cos other cultures and religions do similar stuff?

Christop said...

I'm not sure, because I find it really hard to understand (although I don't think understanding is the most important thing). I've found it difficult to get explanations of what speaking in tongues (in the contemporary sense) is, and when I have been given explanations, they don't seem much like what is spoken of in the New Testament (which I don't think necessarily means it's faked).
These days I seem to be leaning toward an idea that perhaps by practicing this discipline, Christians are allowing the Holy Spirit within them to intercede in prayer for them, and that the actual syllabels pronounced don't actually have much significance.
If that were the case it would make sense to me that another randomly 'language' that might be randomly made up by an English-speaking person would sound similar.
I'd greatly appreciate any contributions from other who have wider understanding on this topic.

Christop said...

Oh, and no-body called in. I expect that on Monday night they'll announce some of the translations that were submitted.