Monday, November 21, 2005

Getting to Sean's 21st

Sean’s 21st was Saturday night. But I lost my invitation. I remembered that it was going to be somewhere in Sydenham (on the western edge of Batmania), at his parents’ house. So I got the phone book and found all the entries for Sean’s last name that where in Sydenham. There were only three, so I called them all up. The first two said I had the wrong number, and the third didn’t answer. So I decided to catch the train to Sydenham and hope there was someone else on the train that was going to the party.
So I caught the train into the city, and then got on the Sydenham train. At Footscray this group of about ten teenage guys and girls were getting off. Another group of three guys were getting on and they got into a fight, which lasted until the doors of the train started closing, at which point one of the guys who’d gotten on the train yelled out, ‘Come down ta Sunshine an’ try that!’ Apparently one of the guys in the other group had attacked him, to get him back for hitting him over the head with a steel bar and cracking his head open.
Luckily for me, Ryan also got onto the train at that station, and he knew where the party was.


Trav said...

You freak, well done

Reminds me when i randomly ran into you in the centre of melbourne and you had my pirate costume that i needed. My mum is still amazed by that.

Christop said...

ROFL! That was the best!

Susan said...

Did you notice what is being built opposite Sydenham train station? It's going to be a library:)

Christop said...

Is that Sydenham Station or Watergardens Station? Because the Sydenham train only actually goes as far as Watergardens Station.
The only thing I notcied being built was a great big Orthodox church, which looked pretty cool.

Susan said...

Actually it is Watergardens Station. I think the library (interactive learning centre) is on the other side of the train track to the Orthodox Church. This web address has a picture: