Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Creating Colour from Darkness

Spent most of yesterday at Urban Seed, framing the pictures for this ^ exhibition, and I'm helping set up today.
Pain in the Arts is Urban Seed's art group, that meets in Credo after lunch on Wednesdays, and at the end of each year they have an exhibition. Apparently DeeDee's dad's opening it this year.


Tab said...

yea thats cool - Deedee's dad is linked to the council hey? Love to see the pics. Ray said last year's was really good.

Christop said...

Yeah DeeDee's dad has the community portfolio.
I have some cards with some of the pictures printed on them, but probably should get permission to post them on here. Marcus got me to take some photos during the opening, because mX might wnat one, but they're on his camera. Not sure if they're any good anyway, because I'm not used to digital, or taking photos inside.
I think there would have been close to a hundred people went through last night.
And my application for residency was successful! (Just found out.)