Friday, January 05, 2007

My birthday

Today's my birthday. (I've actually had quite a lot of unexpected birthdays in the last year, but this is the day that I was actually born on.)
Nathan gave me this:

(Explanation: Tomsy wanted me to get a mullet for his wedding, and so a heap of people were trying to get me to get a mullet, before I got it cut for the G20.)


Electric Chikken said...

*lengthy and thoughtful pause*

You had a MULLET!?!?!?!

Electric Chikken said...

Alsohappybirfday. Forgot what your post was actually about for a moment.

Christop said...

Sorry, I should've written, 'but I got my hair cut for the G20.' I got it cut, but not into a mullet. I was dead against having a mullet.