Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Moving downstairs

Last week me and Ray sawpped rooms. I did this a few nights before I moved downstairs, with the paints Justin gave me for my birthday:

This is what level 8 looked like when me and Ray were moving all our stuff:

Took these during various stages of setting up my new room:

Have been rearranging the living area a bit as well, because there wasn't really any space for a decent-sized dining table or anything. Also, Marcus' Leviathan painting's been brought back. (It was in his shed.)


nate said...

Wow, L7 looks so diff... where'd that co-joined painting come from???

Christop said...

The painting was done by Marcus, and it used to be on level 7. Dave and Ruth didn't like it when they moved in, so it got put in Marcus' shed. Mark and Kate don't like it either, but me and Dave and Ali like it, and I think Tomsy and Luke like it.
You'll have too come over for tea some time. :)

Marx Kernow said...

Leviathan is back where s/he belongs. Crush the head of the monster in the waters baby! Bring on the apocalypse!

Chris said...

I too moved this weekend. But I moved a little farther than "downstairs" ... 33 hours on various planes and in airport queues, not to mention the agonies of trying to organize a year's worth of accumulated randomness into suitcases (or give stuff away or sell it) ... it's been a long weekend and I slept well when I got to my parents' house.