Friday, January 05, 2007

Birthday tea

After work today Dad came over and had a look at our garden. Then Mum and Adam and Justin came in on the train, and Nomes got back from the beach and we had Chinese food for tea. Adam gave me a bootleg of the U2 show we went to. Justin gave me some spray paint. Mum and Dad gave me some money to get some shoes. Nomes gave me two more souvienir teaspoons, one of which is from Avocado Land, which I actually went to as a toddler. (It's called Tropical Fruit World now though.) So now my teaspoon rack is full. (Paul and Amber brought me back one when they went to Canberra last year.)


Trav said...

tea spoons rule...i started a collection..but i've only got not very proflic yet. (i started in 96)
I'm collecting old mobile phones

Simon said...

mind if I get a copy of that u2 boot?

I can bring a blank.

Christop said...

Sure. I'm around level 7 mostly, if you're in.

pricket said...

E bay 2006, 36 souvenier spoons I purchased because one was made from a coin at the Munich olympics and the other a 1948 shekel from Israel the other 34 were just floatsam that had to come along for the ride.