Tuesday, January 02, 2007


On Friday afternoon me and Boonie caught the 5:30 bus to Deniliquin. We stopped in Heathcote, where I was pleased to find there were shoes on the powerlines:

Took these between Heathcote and Echuca-Moama:

We met Ray and Ben in Deniliquin at about 10pm, and they gave us a lift to the Confest site, which was at a river near Moulamein. Our camp was on the other side of the river from the car park, so we had to use a barge to get across.
I ended up sleeping on the ground, because Ben had been going to bring a tent for Boonie or something, but he hadn't, so Boonie used the tent I'd brought.

This time there were a lot less workshops going on, and I wasn't really interested in any of them, so I ended up spending a lot of time in the river and and just hanging out at the camp, enjoying being out of the city.
On New Years Eve, after we had tea, Stella (she's moving in with us in a couple of weeks) was using these glow poi:

At midnight I was watching the fire-twirlers, and I went to bed not long after. I didn't sleep very much though, because it rained all night.
On the way back to Melbourne yesterday I got some avocado-free guacamole-flavoured chips in Deniliquin ...

... we had to stop because there were goats on the road ...

... me and Ben had breadcrust earrings ...

... and in Elmore Baby Jesus was in a cage.

We got home at about 10:30pm or something.
And my tomatoes are ripening.


Trav said...

Save a tomato for me

Christop said...

I thought you didn't eat fruit or vegetables!
(If there is still one left when you come and visit me, you can have it.)