Friday, July 07, 2006

Winter Park

Last night we were planning to go and see Winter Park. Before we left, Ben was impersonating a little-known Bond villain known as Bottlefingers:

When we got to the venue, Shake Some Action (?!) in Prahran, and were quite taken aback when the bouncer asked us if we were on the guest list, particularly seeing as Tomsy knows Matt, the guitarist from Winter Park, and had been invited by him, but hadn't been told anything about a guest list. We had a feeling that perhaps it was more that the bouncer didn't like how we were dressed. So we spent a lot of time waiting outside while Tomsy tried to contact Matt.

Nathan considered saying to the bouncer, 'Hey, I know Derek Zoolander. Step aside bro,' but then Matt came and told the bouncer to let us in.
When we got in it became fairly evident that it was probably the way we were dressed.
We watched the band that played before Winter Park, a new wave band called Near Your House, who were okay, except that they have a myspace.

Winter Park played and they were very good. You should listen to their music.

They are playing again on the 15th, and Ding-Dong, with Treetops, so we're probably going to go and see them there too.
Once Winter Park had finsihed we left pretty quickly, as you do when people try and stop you getting into a place. We headed for the Comfy Chair, in Brunswick, but they wouldn't let us in either, because we got there five minutes after closing time. Tomsy was rolling around on the groud because he always goes there, and was quite offenced.


Digger said...

So what exactly do you have against MySpace?

Christop said...

It seems like most people are just using it as a big popularity competition. The advertising's quite loud, and there's a lot of it. And it's ugly.