Monday, July 03, 2006

Sexual assault on Big Brother

So, Big Brother - Adults Only was recently axed because Channel 10 were told it was ruining their chance at getting the media reforms they want. Now it looks like the whole Big Brother franchise will be axed, because two male contestants sexually assaulted a female contestant at 4 o'clock this morning. (It wasn't broadcast on television, but everything that happens in the house is constantly being streamed from the Big Brother website.)
I have a big bother about this.
A lot of young Australian men believe that women are obliged to give them sex. They reckon that if a man takes a woman out for a nice meal and pays the bill, then she is obliged to have sex with him afterwards. Big Brother has brought to attention the fact that it's not unusual for young men to think that sexual assault is okay. I'm concerned that we as a society will think that we've dealt with the problem if the show is axed.

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Susan said...

So what would you like to see happen?