Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mazen Kerbaj

Over the last week or so I've been visiting Mazen Kerbaj's blog a fair bit. He lives in Beirut, and while the city is being bombed he is been uploading comics and ambient music that he's been creating.
Tonight for staff prayers I showed a slideshow of some of his comics, while playing 'Starry Night', a track that he recorded live while bombs were hitting the city. Afterwards we prayed about the conflict in the Middle East, and about the conflict in our own city, and our own building, and considered how we might ourselves be contributing to these conflicts.
Was also thinking that creating music while people fire bombs at you is a way of refusing to retaliate with violence. Can't remember where I read or heard this, but it seems like the idea that the oppoiste of war isn't peace, but is creation. Was wondering if we can find our own equivalents of playing music for when we feel like we're under fire.

Was talking to Nomes before, while we were making tea, about how I don't understand what's actually going on with this war, or why, even when I try to read the newspaper articles.

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