Sunday, January 30, 2005

They get it so much better than we do

Last week I met someone who has recently converted to Christianity, after about a decade as an agnostic, and being brought up in another religion.
She'd been going to a church for a while now, and recently asked one of the church leaders how she could help out - meaning in terms of making the gospel known, helping homeless people, stuff like that. They just presumed she meant helping out with Sunday church services and stuff.
Another thing is, they won't baptise her yet, because they reckon she's not ready yet, and though they want to make sure she's really serious about it before they recognise her as their sister.
At another church she was 'a part of' earlier, whenever she wrote the leaders notes asking questions about baptism, or evangelism, they'd just send her a glossy brochure welcoming her to the church.
Also, they have a problem with the fact that she cries so much in church gatherings. The thing is, all they're willing to do to heal the pain is pray for her, when what she wants is people to spend time with her.
To her great credit, she's been teaching herself from the Bible, and won't shut up about the complacency, self-centredness and hypocricy of so many Christians.

Another guy, who I haven't met (yet), recently chose to become a Christian, with the help of one of my friends. He's been using the computer shop he owns as a place for evangelism.
When he first became a Christian he brought one of the customers, who he's been friends with for a while, to a church gathering. The guy had a medical problem, so one of the church leaders got him up the front to pray for healing. When this guy wasn't healed he was berated for not having strong enough faith - In a God he doesn't even claim to believe in!

If only we all got it as well as the new Christians do...

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