Monday, January 31, 2005

Christian™ shops

What if all the 'Christian' shops closed down?

All the Christians would have to order their 'Christian' books and music and stuff through normal stores. They also wouldn't be able to avoid people who are Christians as easily. The normal stores would suddenly have a market for 'Christian' music and literature. People who weren't Christians would be more likely to be exposed to 'Christian' music and literature.

There would no longer be a place to market Wash Away Your Sins soap, 'Christian' teddy bears or Testamints.

The people who work in the 'Christian' shops would have to find new jobs, and might even end up working with people who weren't Christian.


Tab said...

I'm agreeing more and more. I found "fruits of the Spirit" moisturiser in our local "christian Bookshop"

I think one of the reasons that as contempory Christians (which is my heratige) we like to have things like that because we believe that it's a "wittness" and if people pick on us or laugh at it, we call it "persecution" and are proud @ being laughed @ for God's sake. Funny that mostly we're laughed @ for being downright stupid.

t.a.h said...

we'd get to use amazon more often...

¿johnman¿ said...

yeah that would be cool
I could get all my music from Leading Edge!
and just normal people could find books about Jesus in thier Angus & Robinson book stores or whatever!
and Record companies would have to sign bands/artists who are made up of christians and those bands/artists would have to play in the pubs and night clubs heaps more!!
And more Freeza gigs!
and the quality of music amongst those bands/artists would rise!!
I'll dream of the day and hopefully it will come

Christop said...

Even if Christians bought their stuff off Amazon, that would still greatly increase the cahnces of people who are Christians being exposedto 'Christian' material (for better or worse).

Christop said...

Oh yeah, welcome to my blog Darren, and thanks for commenting.

Digger said...

The world would surely be a much better place. At least then the spiritual section of the bookshop wouldn't be so dominated by so much New Age shit. (Not all New Age stuff is shit, but most of it!)