Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Since reading this post by Steve Said, I've been realising that while I'm probably better than a lot of Christians are at communicating with people who aren't Christians, I'm not very good at communicating with most people who are Christians. Particularly when it comes to explaining postmodernism, tribalisation of Western society, et cetera, and the implications all this has on how we go about being the church.
I'm fine talking to those who probably aren't as conservative in their practice of Christianity, but with those who are I find it difficult. In a few weekks I'm supposed to be doing my first 'sermon' (it probably won't technically be a sermon) in a church service, and I really need to work out the best way of communicating.

One thing I'm thinking of doing (for the 'sermon') is interviewing a few people who aren't Christians (probably on video) about what they think of Christians, and then and encouraging the congregation to discuss how we might respond.

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