Friday, January 28, 2005


This year it looks like I'll be sharing a house with Alt Tab (different to Default Tab).
I had decided, after my second year of university, that I wasn't going to live just with other Christians again, so that I could build stronger relationships with people who aren't Christians. That's why I moved into the student residence at Gillies Street last year. Through that I was able to become part of the theatre student community.

This year none of the theatre students are moving back to Gillies Street (in fact, only three students are staying on from last year), so one of the reasons I agreed to share a house with Alt Tab is that it'll guarantee that I'll be part of the community again this year (she's doing her second year of Theatre Performance) and because there'll be people who aren't Christians around all the time anyway.

A couple of people from our church disagree with it because they reckon our friends will think we're in a sexual relationship. But none of our friends have thought that at all.

¿johnman¿ has a post dealing with similar things here at Blue trike Life.

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