Monday, December 03, 2007

We got robbed

Gemma told me just before that her computer and her camera got stolen yesterday. I realised that my camera had been stolen too (I thought I'd just misplaced it). They stole Gemma's cigarettes as well. It looks like it was probably during church (in the evening) or dinner (Gemma was in Credo, I was out). I'll probably buy another camera in a couple of weeks. I was saving money to go to New Zealand next year, but I should be able to save enough to do that still.


¿johnman¿ said...

Yeah that sucks man. Why couldn't they go rob some selfish rich person who has insurance anyway.

Christop said...

Yeah, those bloody selfish rich people who have insurance!
Come to think of it, I bet we were robbed by a selfish rich person who has insurance!

David said...

Hi dude - i'd be interested to hear how you guys as a community are coping with/processing getting robbed in light of your choices to live there - especially some of the residents who are newer. It was something some of us early guys had to work through frequently.